Founders' Diary

Travel blog posts from Children of Conservation founders, Michele and Kerry.

Entebbe, Uganda.

December 3rd, 2018.

Day 1 - Myende Model Conservation Community. Ok, not really day 1, a lot of people have been working on this idea for the past year, linking up the initial players, meeting with the community, etc. But today we start putting pencil to paper, meeting with surveyors,, lawyers and government officials to start working on the MOUs, etc.

After a late night arrival, I woke up this morning to the bustle of birds and early morning traffic that says "Welcome to Entebbe." I feel as if I've come back home after a long stint away.

As I prepare for this next week of meetings, I'm missing Kerry and feeling a little hampered by him not being here. We're both just fine in meetings on our own, but he has this innate ability to balance out my "serious mode." In a culture that"s ultra formal when it comes to meetings, but also heavily built on relationships, his way of putting people at ease with his genuine demeanor always amazes me. He's my Marty Ginsberg - brilliant in his own right but always pushing me (and keeping everyone laughing when in the tense times). This is our first project where, as an organization, we're really having to divide and conquer. It will allow us all to be a part of accomplishing something truly amazing, but I'm missing my home "team" right now. (Kerry Stumpe, Lorna Campbell, Myrna Antar, Dennis Dean, Kimberly McDonald, Brenda Isaac - you guys all saw this idea and have made it your passion to accomplish. What an honor it is to get to be the one taking what you all have helped set in motion and kick start it here in Uganda!).

In a few hours, I'll be meeting our team here in Uganda: Lilly Ajarova, Silver, Dr. Joshua - of course, they will be the true heroes at the end of this project, after all, this whole project started with THEIR idea, a dream of building a symbiotic relationship that is mutually beneficial to conservation and community.

For now, I'm feeling humbled and grateful while enjoying a nice fruit plate at the modest but lovely Gately Inn to start the day. Is it just me or is the fruit actually sweeter in Uganda?