about us

Many iconic African animals will become extinct within our lifetimes. The primary threats are hunting, habitat loss and disease. Chimpanzees and gorillas are hunted as a source of meat. In addition, entire families are killed to satisfy an ever-growing foreign pet trade. Elephants and rhinos are killed for their tusks and horns. Deforestation by foreign investors results in habitat loss for all these animals.


Children of Conservation is dedicated to the conservation and protection of endangered species through education, habitat preservation and wildlife sanctuary and conservation worker support.


To enhance sustainable conservation of endangered species in Africa through wildlife sanctuary support, community development, habitat protection, and education.


  • Sustainability
  • Protection of natural resources
  • Economic development
  • Social development
  • Education
  • Creating community leaders
  • Encouraging conservation advocacy
  • Encourage change through creating advocacy

Our Work

People. Planet. Prosperity.


Over the last ten years, Children of Conservation has changed the lives of thousands of African conservation workers and their families. We take a multi-faceted approach to conservation issues and the humanitarian roots of these problems and we have been working in five countries to improve the lives of animals and people.

Working from the principles that we are empowering people, protecting the planet and building prosperity, we’ve tackled multiple problems in a variety of ways.

We have a proven track record of partnering with local communities to build community grown projects that benefit and empower people but highlight the synergy between conservation and protecting endangered species and prosperity and economic benefit.

We have done this by providing scholarships to the children of frontline conservation workers, elevating the status of wildlife protection jobs in their communities. We run anti-poaching initiatives in Kenya and Uganda. In 2017 we built a high school in Zambia and we are currently working to bring amenities, including a primary school and health center, to an impoverished village in Uganda.

A Note about Diversity and Black Lives Matter

Children of Conservation would like to take this opportunity to communicate our stance of solidarity with the Black community in particular, but also with all individuals in the fight against racism and social injustice. There is no place for hate, racism, sexism, or blatant mistreatment of any persons of any race, religion or sexual orientation in our society. Recent events involving Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd and many others have shown us just how far humanity has left to go to ensure the freedoms and equality that we all expect and deserve. We recognize that the Black community in some areas of the world has been particularly impacted by these issues.  We stand in support of the Black community and all other impacted communities.  We will continue to fight against racial and social injustice and promote equity and justice in all areas of our work.

where we work

We currently work in five countries in Africa. We collaborate with on-the-ground partners to design and execute projects that directly benefit people and animals and areas of important biodiversity. Our programs are strategically aligned to the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Currently, the bulk of our work takes place in Cameroon, Zambia, Uganda and Kenya.