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Animals & Saving Wildlife


At the root of all threats to the animals we seek to protect is a common thread – people. For this reason, the cornerstone of our work is education and empowerment-based projects that provide a mutual benefit to both humanity and endangered species. We take great pride in taking the time to find meaningful and sustainable solutions rather than trying to impose a one-size-fits-all program on sanctuaries in different countries with different needs. We work directly with each of our partners in Africa to identify projects that will have the greatest impact for their unique situations. Whether the biggest peril to the animals is illegal hunting, destruction of forests, or the pet trade, most of these conservation threats stem from a lack of education or inability to provide for food and shelter for families. Our programs seek to address the root causes. We help our partner wildlife centers and sanctuaries in their efforts to protect endangered animals by educating children and adults, by empowering them to find alternative ways to provide for their families and by helping them to see that protecting these animals can make their lives better. Follow the links on the sidebar for more information about some of our programs and the amazing work of our partner sanctuaries.