Limbe Wildlife Centre

The Limbe Wildlife Centre is a wildlife and rehabilitation project located in the southwest region of Cameroon, Africa.  It was established in 1993 by the Government of Cameroon and the Pandrillus Foundation, which is a proud member of PASA, the Pan African Sanctuary Alliance.  Its origin stems primarily from the tragic poaching deaths of various primates and their homeless, orphaned offspring.  Gorillas, chimpanzees and other endangered primates are hunted, abused and tormented in third world countries.  Sanctuaries like Limbe Wildlife Centre have been established through minimal grant monies and private sponsorships to help protect and shelter the young survivors.  Whether the product of the bushmeat trade or captured for the illegal pet trade, orphaned infants may cling to their dead mothers for several days until they can be pried off by their captors.  Many of these victims are too weak (physically and emotionally) to find the will to live.  The “fortunate” ones may be taken to a sanctuary where they are nursed back to health.  Through their tireless efforts, the workers, volunteers and veterinary staff act as surrogate mothers and fathers until the orphans can join an extended family of others who have bonded together through a shared fate. Since its inception, the Limbe Wildlife Centre has become home to a variety of critically endangered wildlife species including the Ellioti Chimpanzee, the Drill, the Western Lowland and the Cross River Gorillas, several species of long-tailed monkeys, including the locally endemic Preuss’s Guenon and various reptile and bird species. The LWC plays an active role in local conservation efforts by being involved in the implementation of the national wildlife protection laws and by providing a solution of where to place animals seized by law enforcement agencies.  Additionally, by protecting and caring for the wild animals of Cameroon, the project provides one of the few opportunities for local people to see and learn about their own precious natural heritage and how they can take steps to ensure its conservation.  In addition to providing financial and in-kind support for the animals at LWC, Children of Conservation selected LWC as the pilot sanctuary for it’s primary project.  The scholarship program started in the 2009 school year, and 31 kids from Limbe are currently being sponsored.   They are all doing well and are looking forward to their next school year.

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