Chimfunshi Wildlife Orphanage

Chimfunshi is one of the oldest and largest chimpanzee reserves in the world and is internationally recognized as such. But that wasn’t always the case; the founders David and Sheila Siddle used to be smiled at for their unorthodox methods to adopt and nurse orphaned and injured chimpanzees. 

The Chimfunshi Wildlife Orphanage is sheltering 132 chimpanzees at the moment at the Project Area and Orphanage. At the Project Area, nearly 100 chimpanzees live in four separate communities in enclosures measuring between 47 and nearly 200 acres each. Chimpanzees from all over the world are rescued from poachers and amusement parks and brought to the Orphanage at Chimfunshi. Most of them are injured and traumatized and need intensive care. As soon as they are in good health, they are carefully integrated into one of the chimpanzee families.

The Chimfunshi property encompasses well over 10,000 acres. In addition to providing the chimpanzees with forested enclosures, part of this land is dedicated to five villages where the Chimfunshi staff and their family live, a school, a clinic and the Education Center. The Education Center is an important research faculity for international primatologists and students, and, as the name implies, provides chimpanzee education to visiting school groups and tourists. This is also the site of accommodations for visitors. 

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