Fund for Fallen Heroes

We are partnering with the Uganda Wildlife Authority to create the Fund forĀ Fallen Heroes.

This fund will support the families of wildlife rangers killed in the line of duty. In the past five years, more than 20 wildlife workers in Uganda have lost their lives while protecting some of the world's most endangered and threatened animals. These heroes leave behind children and partners that often find themselves destitute without their main breadwinner's income.

Education is not free in Uganda and the children of these fallen fighters will grow up without an education unless we help them. Please give what you can today to help us show some compassion for these families.

Uganda Wildlife Authority employs some of the best respected conservationists in Africa and they deserve our support. Just last year, a UWA ranger was awarded the prestigious Tusk Award, presented by HRH Prince William. He is credited with increasing the lion population in Murchison Falls National Park from 200 to 1600. You can read more about that here: Wildlife Ranger Wins Award

  • UWA currently employs approximately 1,500 rangers to cover about 71,000 square kilometres of protected area.
  • World Ranger Day, which is marked on July 31, is held in remembrance of rangers who died in the line of duty.
  • According to International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), rangers in Uganda, DR Congo and Rwanda have been directly responsible for an increase in the number of mountain gorillas, risking their lives to ensure the survival of this critically endangered species.
  • In northern Uganda, human impact on the land means that native animals can only be found in national parks such as Kidepo National Park. Here, the conflict between humans and wildlife is a constant battle for park rangers. They often find themselves in dangerous situations as a result of poachers entering the park.

Please help us to support these heroes who have laid their lives on the line for conservation.