PASA was formed to build an alliance of new and existing African sanctuaries. By sharing a common connection, these sanctuaries have greater opportunities for education, support and success. PASA sanctuaries were created over the last three decades to accommodate the staggering numbers of orphaned chimpanzees, gorillas, bonobos and other endangered primates in Africa. The Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Center in Gambia came first in 1974, but more and more appeared as the century drew to a close. Today, PASA members and affiliated sanctuaries literally span the continent of Africa. Many of the sanctuaries supported by Children of Conservation are PASA sanctuaries.  Children of Conservation chose PASA because membership means that these sanctuaries and their staff have a proven record of fiscal responsibility; a concern for primates; integrity; transparency; fairness; conscientiousness; professionalism; and personal and institutional commitment to conservation. Each sanctuary is tailored to the species it protects and the country within which it works, but one aspect is the same in every single facility: A deep and passionate interest in protecting primates and the wild spaces they inhabit. Said chimpanzee activist Jane Goodall: “These refuges walk a fine line between conservation and captivity, yet their mission is no less important. They operate on the front lines in areas of hardship and anger, and their dedication to protecting mankind’s next of kin is admirable.”  

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