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Make a Donation

Your donation helps Children of Conservation carry out a wide variety of conservation programs aimed at improving the survival rate of endangered species.  In addition to providing support for needs of the animals, we take a global approach and provide assistance to the caregivers and local people whose assistance and cooperation is key to our conservation efforts. Our main project provides educational funding for children of wildlife sanctuary workers as well as a small number of scholarships for children in communities where anti-poaching conservation messages are imperative.  Our goal is to make a lasting impact rather than just an immediate one.  All children provided with scholarships are guaranteed support until they graduate as long as they maintain their grades and participate in conservation programs.  Your donation will help us add another child to that list.  If you would prefer for your donation to be anonymous please indicate in the comments section.

  • $50 pays for tuition, books and uniforms for one month
  • $50 pays for a gorilla’s food for one month
  • $200 can pay for life saving medications for an orphaned great ape
  • $600 sends a child to school for a year