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History of Children of Conservation

In 1999, Michele Stumpe, a successful lawyer and partner at her law firm, went to Africa for the first time. Having worked with great apes as a teenage volunteer at the local zoo, the purpose of the trip was to continue that passion at the Limbe Wildlife Sanctuary in Cameroon.  Although then boyfriend, Kerry Stumpe, stayed in Atlanta with his Architecture practice, it was a trip that would forever change the course of both of their lives. A year later, the two left their safe and stable jobs to start a business that would allow the freedom and control to make an impact with orphaned primates and conservation.  Based upon Michele’s legal background and expertise in alcohol licensing/compliance work, they formed the consulting firm “Evindi, Inc.” (named after the beloved Lowland gorilla Michele had fallen for on her trip to Cameroon), along with the law firm of Stumpe & Associates.  Kerry gave up his career as an architect to run both companies, handle all of the trial presentations and develop an expertise in alcohol licensing. While the consulting firm (Evindi) is still going strong, Michele & Kerry joined Taylor English in 2007 where Kerry continues his work as an alcohol licensing consultant and Michele is now a partner. Along with her extensive litigation practice, Michele continues to specialize in alcohol licensing and compliance, premises liability and dram shop liability. With the help of the other board members and a new Executive Director, the Stumpes remain actively involved in the steady growth of Children of Conservation and the furtherance of its mission.